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History is little else than a picture of human crimes and misfortunes.

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7/6/09 11:40 am - This video is about 85% true.

I love my little Oakland town.

7/1/09 01:46 pm - Fundies!

5/20/09 06:45 pm - listen to the radio

I put together a really neat Drowning Bluebirds show and will be on 104.1FM from 8-10pm!

You can stream it at Http://www.berkeleyliberationradio.org . In a few weeks we will have a new website at a different address that will be up to date. And not shitty looking. Cos I'm gonna design it, of course.

5/13/09 04:20 pm - Drowning Bluebirds Tonight, 8-10pm!

Bonus! A 40 minute tribute to Paisley's favourite metal music! Totally outside the regular format, I know, but I felt compelled to see if I could work it in.

5/9/09 10:39 pm - it seems...

that there aren't any electrical outlets in the whole of santa cruz. Hmm.

4/17/09 01:33 pm - /snicker

Role playing Games: Virtual or Reality?

4/8/09 03:14 pm - Tonight!

An eclectic mix of noize, slime, grime, ambient, dub, trip hop, electro, post punk, goth, synth wave and more for the increased delight of your Wednesday evenings.

On myspace! http://www.myspace.com/pcuttlefish

4/1/09 04:51 pm - Listen to drowning Bluebirds tonight 8-10pm on 104.1 FM www.berkeleyliberationradio.org!!

Do it.

3/25/09 11:37 am - Ikea isn't the only great thing to come out of Sweden

I forgot how much I missed this, until the tune popped into my head today...

3/12/09 11:31 am

Me: Good Morning, ****** Law Office
Caller: ..You... you... you ignorant mother-fucker, you!
Me: *click*

Odd morning...
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